"When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?"

"Als onze gevaren zijn verdwenen, zal onze dankbaarheid dan slapen?" - George Canning

Remembrance Cycle and Hikingroutes

Nearly every village or town in the Netherlands felt the effects of World War Two. Resistance, collaboration and betrayal, deportation of Jewish citizens or crashed warplanes and airmen. A special remembrance cycle or hiling route brings this recent history back to life. Nederland40-45 is specialized in creating routes past location where World War Two had a real impact.

World War Two Remembrance Routes

The Netherlands is a country famous for cycling, and cycleroutes past memories of World War Two are ideal to attract international and national tourism to a town, city or region. International remembrance tourism enjoys a sharp increase these last years. Through international cooperation with museums and foundations Nederland40-45 has the right tools and network to attract tourism from countries involved in the airwar over the Netherlands. Countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and many other countries. Aimed at your town, municipality or region Nederland40-45 can develop a route with or without memorial boards and augmented or virtual reality.

Lectures and presentation about the Airwar

Using 200 photos, films, video and documents a dramatic and intimate story is told of the,for many unknown, airwar. The lectures and presentations are tailormade to suit a specific audience, town or region where the lecture is taking place. Request more information click on the plane to the right >

The personal story

Despite the fact that the airwar had such an impact on a village, town or city it is not a well known part of World War Two. By telling the dramatic and emotional personal stories the audience is transported back to 1940-1945. Five years in which over 6000 planes came down in and around the Netherlands. Peter den Tek has been giving lectures and presentations at a.o. PIMA Air & Space Museum at Tucson USA, The American Womens Club of Amsterdam, the embassy of New Zealand at the Hague, veterandays and events in the Netherlands as well as many historic societies and foundations.

Travel Consultancy & Airwar Tours

Nederland40-45 takes care of your stay at a great hotel and arranges transport throughout the Netherlands. Electric bikes are provided so you can enjoy the tour past locations where during World War Two Allied and German planes crashed. The dramatic stories and events are told in a captivating way at the locations of the crash or landing. 

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Travel Consultancy and Airwar Tours

Nederland40-45 arranges hotel, transport and (electric) bikes and guides you to locations in the Netherlands where during World War Two warplanes crashed. At those locations the personal stories of airmen and civilians are told.

The tour can be enjoyed by bike or bus and will take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the desired schedule. Recently schools, and senior citizens have enjoyed this tour. Cadets of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets are among those who will follow this tour as part of their education. The tour can be given in Dutch, English and German. Click on the planes below to ask for more information.