"When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?"

"Als onze gevaren zijn verdwenen, zal onze dankbaarheid dan slapen?" - George Canning

Who is Nederland40-45


Nederland 40-45, or short NL40-45, is a World War Two heritage consultancy founded by Peter den Tek in 2013. The mission of NL40-45 is to bring World War Two , and specifically the airwar,  to a human and personal level where the impact of the war will be visible and touchable. Empathy and involvement with the efforts, sacrifice and suffering of those near own villages, towns or regions during World War Two. 

Peter den Tek - World War Two Heritage Specialist.


Peter den Tek is a Royal Netherlands Navy submarine veteran and served a.o. on the Dutch submarine HNLMS Zwaardvis.In recent years he managed and organised several large World War Two related projects. Amongst others for the municipalities of Molenlanden and West Betuwe in the Netherlands.He is chairman of the Alied Airmen Remembrance foundation and is the curator of the by him initiated Allied AIrmen Museum at Fort Vuren in the Netherlands. He is also the driving force behind the project  "Sky of Hope", a new project aimed at making the airwar 1940 -1945 visible in the Netherlands.


He strongly believes in educating schoolchildren about World War Two and teaches at various schools in the Netherlands about the airwar. In April 2019 he will be teaching at various schools in New Zealand about New Zealand airmen shot down over the Netherlands during WW2. Regularly he lectures about the airwar both in the Netherlands and abroad such as the embassy of New Zealand in the Hague, the PIMA Air and Space museum at Tucson and the Commemorative Air Force at Mesa, both in the United States.

Peter den Tek teaching schoolchildren at the WW2 and Airmen Museum.

After the presentation at the New Zealand embassy at the Hague. On the photo Ambassador Lyndal Walker and staff.

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